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The D3 ULTRACHARGER is a complete replacement Supercharger System for the CTS-V.

D3 ULTRACHARGER Kits are designed to be the ultimate forced induction upgrade. The D3 ULTRACHARGER Kits have been designed to surpass even the core manufactures output as well as fit seamlessly into their defined application. We have thoroughly validated and tested these systems in true motorsports events for multiple season(s). Whereas other systems fail when put to the test of motorsports, our system thrives.

ULTRACHARGER Kits offer a complete solution by offering all components required to facilitate a perfect install. All D3 compendium parts are manufactured in the USA.

To ensures a consistent error free product all manufactured components have been blueprinted to extraordinarily exacting standards allowing for flawless duplication and consistent performance. This means every kit that is assembled will be as efficient and have the same potential for horsepower output as our own in house built cars.

Isn’t my CTS-V already supercharged ?

Yes the CTS-V is already supercharged. But the OEM equipped supercharger is merely 1.9L. For the majority of CTS-V owners this is adequate, and in our opinion the 1.9 L OEM Equipped EATON blowers can excel when modified and can propel the vehicle into near stratospheric performance numbers. But for a select few the performance of the CTS-V OEM Eaton Blower is not enough. This is where the ULTRACHARGER becomes a plausible option.

The D3 ULTRACHARGER package(s) allow for a complete blower upgrade by replacing the OEM Equipped Eaton 1.9L blower with a larger more efficient blower. By increasing the physical displacement of the supercharger the CTS-V is now capable of performing above and beyond the original output of the CTS-V.

How will my CTS-V Feel ?

Frighteningly Street-Like. Even though the D3 ULTRACHARGER is a massive upgrade to the OEM CTS-V it is still essentially a Bolt On Performance Item. This means the CTS-V will drive just like stock, that is until you open up the throttle.

Overall Advantages

  • The cost per horsepower ratio is extraordinarily affordable.
  • OEM like fit and finish.
  • Dual-Mapping Available for a true Jekyll & Hyde CTS-V.
  • Full integration for all engine sensors MAF, Knock etc.
  • Full integration for all OEM Creature Comforts (yes your A/C still works!)
  • Full integration with AUTOMATIC Transmissions, meaning all Sport and Comfort settings still work accordingly.
  • Speed, Power and Glory! The acceleration is mind numbing.




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